Monday, September 4, 2017

UN Security Council Holds Emergency Talks on North Korea

The U.N. Security Council is holding emergency talks Monday following North Korea’s largest nuclear test to date, amid reports Pyongyang is preparing to test another ballistic missile.

“The time has come to exhaust all of our diplomatic means before it’s too late. We must now adopt the strongest possible measures,” the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley told the council.

She said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is “begging for war” with his actions. “The U.S. doesn’t want war but our patience is not unlimited,” Haley said.

WATCH: Haley on Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions

Earlier, South Korea’s defense ministry said it had detected signs North Korea was preparing to test another ballistic missile. The ministry also announced plans to soon temporarily deploy four more launchers for the THAAD missile defense system.

North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test Sunday, one that it claimed was a successful thermonuclear hydrogen bomb that can fit onto an intercontinental missile (ICBM).

One U.S. intelligence official says there is no reason to doubt North Korea’s claim that the nuclear device it detonated underground Sunday was 10 times more powerful than its fifth nuclear test a year ago.

“We’re highly confident this was a test of an advanced nuclear device – and what we’ve seen so far is not inconsistent with North Korea’s claims,” the intelligence official said.

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